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I could really use some help with this error, its got me stumped. I
Vista Home Premium SP1 32 bit. Here is the story.

I wanted to try out Windows 7, but I didn't want to upgrade Vista yet
because it was still in beta. So I was going to dual-boot Windows 7
Vista. I downloaded a copy of linux that was designed for
so that I could partition my hard drive. Before I partitioned it
linux, I had just one partition for Vista and that was it. I had
trim it down about 30 gigs and then make a new partition with that
space. It did all that and didnt report any errors. So I restarted
computer and the windows loading screen came up for about a second
untill it said "Windows failed to start and a recent hardware or
software change might be the cause". And it gave the the option of
starting windows normally or to launch startup repair. I picked
windows normally and it went back to the loading screen. After a few
seconds at that it gave me a BSOD for about a second before it
restarted. I was able to see the error number before it restarted.
was 0x000000ED. So after it restarted it went back to the same
again. I picked launch startup repair that time. It then told me
I should get my Vista install disk that run the repair tools. It
said at the bottom "Status: 0xc000000f" and "Info: The boot selection
failed because a required device is inaccessible". After that I went
and downloaded a Vista repair disk because my HP laptop restore disk
doesnt have any repair options. So I burned that to a disk and went
the repair tools and it asked me to pick an OS to repair, but there
no OS in the list. This confused me since it could get the loading
screen up but no OS avaliable on the repair disk. I then got my
livecd to see if linux could access it, but it gave me an error as
(A picture of it is attached)

Does anyone have any idea what I can try next? I can live without
files on the hard drive, but at the very least I would like to save
of the files on it. My main thing is to get access to the files just
I can save them, I can reinstall Vista.

Thanks for any help!

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simcityfreak4 > > > > Hi simcity--


Using G-Parted to Resize Win Vista Partitions

'Using GParted to Resize Your Windows Vista Partition :: the How-To

The link above has nice screenshots, but it doesn't tell you two
things that I will.

1) To make G-Parted actually apply changes, you have to put your
mouse on
the lower rt. corner of its interface and drag that sucker to the
(make it the width of your desktop).

2) The link indicates Startup Repair will fix things in the rare
event you
can't boot. Frequently as you're finding out, it doesn't but
almost always,
doing the bootrec commands will and what it's probably doing is
the BCD when it gets you back. The fixboot command is also
important in
some situations or in conjunction with the rebuild BCD command.
Some of the
guys who work on Windows Setup teams at Redmond and Startup would
definitely be good sources to discuss this, like Darrell Gorter
[MSFT] who
has been generous helping here, but that's my take as far as I can

Here's what I've seen fix this:

I don't think you need this link because you've alrerady been
booting to the
Startup Repair menu, but your friends without Vista DVDs might:

Download Vista Repair Disk
'Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download &#x2014; The NeoSmart Files'

Try this:

If Startup Repair does not get your Vista back, then use the 3
commands from the command prompt available on the Statup Repair

The menu I refer to is in this set of directions with a grey

'Windows Vista Home Premium - Repair StartUp'

Those are:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuild BCD

After typing each command switch at the command prompt, you'll get
a quick
"Successful" for the first two switches, and it will take about 30
or less to get that response from the 3rd one. Use all of them,
and it
takes just a few seconds anyway.

Good luck,

CH> >

@DemonSpeed: I tried to use that built in tool but it wouldnt let me
free up more than about 8 gigs, that wouldnt be enough. I dont have a
Vista install disk, I just have the restore disk that came with my

@Chad Harris: I have tried the repair disk but there was no OS in
the list to choose from to repair. Its just empty. I clicked on next
anyways so I could launch a command prompt. I ran the first two
without problems. When I ran the third one, it said it identified
zero windows installations. When it was at the choose OS to repair, I
picked load drivers just to see if I could access the C drive and it
said I had to format it. I also ran Startup Repair anyways ever
though I couldnt pick an OS to repair. After it was done running it
told me it could not fix the problem it found. t So I clicked on view
scan details and it said that problem was "Boot sector for system disk
partition is corrupt" and it had an error code for 0x490 next to it.


You could try getting hold of bootsect.exe ( it's not on the Neosmart
repair cd).

It is in the bin folder of the free Easybcd. 'Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 -
NeoSmart Technologies' (

Copy bootsect.exe to a cd.

Boot the repair cd to command prompt, find the drive letter for your
dvd drive by typing:

X:sources>Diskpart {enter}

Diskpart> lis vol {enter}

make a note of the dvd drive letter.

Diskpart> exi {enter}

Remove the repair cd and put in the cd containing bootsect.exe

Follow instructions at Step 3 here:

'Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies

Hope it helps



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