Re: Language Packs Dissapear After Installing Vista SP2

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I can't download them if they don't show up in Windows Update. They are limited to the Ultimate Edition of Vista, and aren't readily available on Microsoft's website. Your link is for SP1; I already have that. In fact, when I revert to SP1 the links reappear on Windows Update -- it's just happens when I SP2 have installed.

Hi Scott--

I understand that. I tried as hard as I could to find any updated langauge packs. I have seen links for beta packs for Windows 7 while I was looking for you. If I were you at this point, I would try to talk to the people at MSFT who have the best knowledge on what's going on in terms of updating language packs.

If you sign into this Language Team Blog here, you can post and ask your questions directly to them. Usually they'll respond to you and since I can't find what you are asking for, I'm hopeful they can give you an answer:

Microsoft Terminology (and Language) Team Blog

Good luck,