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You can also make a Startup repair disc this way:

**How to Make Vista Recovery Disc from MSFT with Startup Repair When You
Don't Have a Vista DVD from a PC with Windows Vista SP1 or Newer**:

[Note: This comes from Microsoft. It is available in Vista with Service
Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 and in Windows 7 when released. This gives you the
same Startup Repair Options from Microsoft *Legally* that you would get on
by purchasing a new Vista (or when it RTMs Windows 7 DVD]:

1) It's best to make this "recovery disc" which gives you access to
Vista/Win 7's Startup Repair when Vista or Windows 7 is running well, and
you aren't in trouble. But when many of you read this, you will be in
trouble and this is the way to get out. This will help you access Startup
Repair to repair a Won't Boot Vista or Windows 7 when the cause is a
software cause without a hardware component in the equation and this
includes a corrupt driver.

You can do this on a computer running Windows Vista SP1, Windows Vista SP2,
or Windows 7. Click Start>Programs>Maintenance>Create a System Repair Disc
or simply type "maintenance" into the search box above the Start button.

2) If you have a Vista or Windows 7 Won't Boot situation, and you didn't
make this disc in advance--no problem. Either use another pc with Vista SP1
or Newer or borrow a friend's and follow the directions in #1 above.

3) If your friend has an operating system prior to Vista SP1, but has an
internet connection on a device that can download files (a computer is
best), simply download the .iso from Neowin's site, burn the .iso,and you
will have a Vista or Windows 7 Recovery disc with the full panoply of
repair options, including the "bootrec switches" from the command prompt

This is a screenshot of the two ways to do this:

This is the link from Neosmart's website to download and burn the .iso that
allows you to do the same thing as the Maintenance listing on the Vista SP1
and later Programs menu.

Windows Vista Recovery Disc (Vista Startup Repair .iso Download)

Anyone concerned with the legality should not be. This is an option that
Microsoft wisely elected to put into its operating system with Vista Service
Pack 1, and included in Service Pack 2 and Windows 7.

Unfortunately, as of 4/11/09 Microsoft has written nothing in Windows Vista
Help about this option, and it is a great feature that is not well known.
They have a decent explanation of Startup Repair, but no mention as to how
to access it if you don't have a Vista DVD as shown at this link:

This solves the problem of the 300 + OEM partners and Microsoft not
shipping a Vista DVD with the purchase of a new computer. This has long
been needed, and MSFT should be commended for making it available. I
haven't seen it mentioned on any of the MSFT newsgroups, though it might
have been but I have seen the complaint hundreds if not thousands of times
in the last several years including on the XP groups that the person stuck
with an XP or a Vista Won't boot blue screen does not have an XP or Vista
DVD. This remedies that problem.

In addition, as a second choice (I would definitely try this first), you can
use the F8 key to boot to the Windows Advanced Options menu and try those to access System Restore from the Safe Mode options there, or Last Known Good Configuration. Startup Repair and the Boot Rec switches are a considerable improvement as to efficacy over the F8 (Windows Advanced) options and the now retired Recovery Console.

F8 Key Reaches the Windows Advanced Options Menu (One might work when
another does not)

Should you choose to use Safe Mode with Command Prompt, you'll need to type the command for System Restore which is:

At the command prompt, type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe, and
then press ENTER.

Good luck,


"omipower" <omi_REMOVETHIS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:omipower.41fb6ee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It's not just an ordinary not booting

it doesnt show up anything after the bios screen....

so i installed linux and i cant get windows vista to show up in the
boot loader screen
i can see all the contents of windows vista in linux and is there a way
i could modify something in the vista drive to get it showing up again?



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