Re: Is there no warm reinstall option for Vista?

Is there any possibility that a system restore to an appropriate point
would reverse the previous attempts to uninstall SP1?

Otherwise, Windows Easy Transfer might simplify putting everything back
if a clean reinstall is necessary.

I haven't done it myself, but it seems you need to tell Easy Transfer
you are on the Old Computer - to transfer files from it to an external
hd. Then when Vista is reinstalled, start Easy transfer from there and
tell it you are on the New Computer - to transfer to it from the
external HD.

'Using Windows Easy Transfer to transfer your data to a new computer'

Hope it helps


patchwerk;993301 Wrote:
Thank you, this is what I've been trying to do, and exactly where I
it would be... here's the catch... this user upgraded to SP1, then had
problem, and pulled a system restore to a point prior to the SP1
and THEN saw that SP1 was still in her Programs & Features listing, and
tried to uninstall it.. now neither my SP1 or vanilla discs will allow
upgrade (warm) install.

Appreciate the response though... feel a bit less of a fool.

"SIW2" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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Is this what you had in mind ?

This will allow you to repair your Vista installation and keep all of
your personal user account files, settings, and programs. You will be
performing a *Upgrade Install* from within your currently running

Hope it helps


patchwerk;993175 Wrote:> > > > >
I have a client's machine sitting here, with a copy of Vista Home
Premium. I
was able to clean up the cause of the problem, but there are a few
that that need to be replaced, and the best option would be a warm
reinstall. I've done this a MILLION times with Windows XP, but the
installation option I have when booting from the Vista disc (created
my MSDN account) is to perform a clean install, which will wipe the
user accounts and program entries... how the heck do you perform a
reinstall in Vista? (I can't even get an answer to this on Google!)> > > > >

SIW2 > >


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