Re: Problem Installing Vista to a New Harddrive

The problem for us is that you didn't make your post as a reply within the thread of the original poster, or else the post you are replying to was not made in this newsgroup (, which leaves your own post hanging alone in amongst hundreds of other posts. Possibly the original message is in a forum somewhere, which is not going to be seen by anyone in this newsgroup.

I've got 839 newsgroup messages downloaded to my reader and not one is from anyone called jynapathy. There's no way to check back what the actual details of the problem were are unless you yourself quote the original posts you are replying to. Quoting a good policy to follow in forums as well.

"caesar" <caesar.3on1od@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:caesar.3on1od@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i'm Referring to the opening post ande the problem mentioned by
jynapathy. i'm pretty much convinced that it's a problem related tot the
laptop, disk, vista combination....

Pauli Taglia;1188810 Wrote:
Mick Murphy <MickMurphy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>We don't know what the problem is.
>Include the post that you are replying to.
>And, include YOUR error messages.
>Mad Mike

Are you "jynapathy"?

>"caesar" wrote:
>> i'm having excactly the same problem. same laptop, same specs, same
>> symtoms, same new drive......
>> Did you already find a solution jynapathy???
>> --
>> caesar
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