Re: Boot Manager issue: dual boot vista 64 ultimate / windows 7 ultimate

There ya go.. thats the disc I was on about... it would save you both W7
and Vista with minor trouble but ah well...

Even if you format W7 , your vista bootloader is corrupted and needs to
be rebuilt as far as I can see. And I told you to be patient... To
extend the vista partition when it is not* bootable , hence not stable
is just adding to problems lol... but ah well... If you really don't
care at all about that partition vista (you certainly don't seem to hold
respect for it or you would listen hehe).. why dont you just install a
factory image again dang :)


SIW2;951401 Wrote:
mahesh_australia;950562 Wrote:

I have a HP pavilion laptop which came with 64 bit vista ultimate

I shrinked the OS partition (160 GB), created new partition (40 GB) for
64 bit windows 7 ultimate. After installation of Windows 7, I cannot see
the vista ultimate boot option when I boot my PC.

When I boot into Windows 7, I still can see the vista partition. But
instead of C: it is now displayed as E:

I used the HP Recovery Disc to repair windows vista but I can only see
a blank blue screen with the mouse pointer.

How can I recover the vista?

Thank you,
Mahesh.> >

Hello Mahesh,

You may find these useful :

'Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc — The NeoSmart

'Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies

Hope it helps