Re: Moving users "Documents" folders to a different drive

There is an additional problem in Vista with moving the Documents folder:

Many applications are still written for XP (and before) using "My Documents"
as the installation path for certain files. Vista attempts to correct this
by redirecting to the "Documents" folder. If that folder has been moved, a
shortcut exists in the folder instead and the installation is unable to
create the subdirectory it wants to create. The installtion then attempts to
create the folder "Documents", but Vista refuses to allow more than one
"Documents" folder. (It equates the shortcut equal to the folder for this
function.) This continues until it gives up and produces Error 1720.

While this is technically not a problem with Vista, it may make installation
of various applications difficult. (Especially when multiple users are
involved and the Documents folder has been moved.)

"JTHM" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Dear All

Under WinXP I was able to relocate, one-at-a-time, all users My
Documents folders to a different drive and rename each My Documents
folder so that I could have all users My Documents folders co-existing
on a single drive.

I've tried to do the same thing under Vista and, though successful for
the first user, I have come a bit unstuck with subsequent users because
though renaming the My Documents folder to "<User's> Documents" Vista
still sees it as "Documents" so gets all confused with seeing two
folders of the same name on the drive and tries to merge the contents!

Is there a solution?