Re: Moving default data folders to another partition

ellarjee <ellarjee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks for trying, Richie. I don't mind your straightforward comments.

A couple of answers to your comments:

I only tried opening the funny Contacts-like folder AFTER I'd moved it.
It's reasonable to try and open a folder to see what happens.
As to my last point, I should have made it clearer that when I tried to move
Videos I specified the Data Drive F: and that was the drive confirmed back to
me in the Move To New Location window. But when I clicked to proceed I got
the strange message that the Video folder would be redirected into the
Contacts folder.

I suspect that "Contacts" is also on "F".

HINT: you somehow selected the Contacts folder, rather than "F". Look
at the bottom of the window where it says "Folder" when moving. It
will tell you where you have chosen to move to. If you have
accidentally chosen a different folder, change it.

NOW I'm outta here (for real).

I know this sounds as though I'm screwing it up, but all I am doing is
following your original instructions to the letter and on a new Vista
installation without anything else to complicate things.
Yes, I agree that it's difficult for anyone to help me further. I've
appreciated your trying to do so.

Richie Hardwick