Re: Failed Vista install prevents dual boot


Open an elevated command prompt, run:

bcdedit /enum

and then copy/paste the results into a response.

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"garyk" <garyk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:72766CB4-A4AF-412A-93F2-AAE99117A4DA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I tried installing Vista Prem. on a blank partition on my hard drive, the
drive already has xp pro running on C:
The install failed at 27% into the install process with a file error.
I installed a new blank drive in the computer and tried reinstalling Vista
on the new drive by itself. The install went completed, ran thru the setup
and customization, personalization processes and on the final reboot ran fine
giving me the dual boot option to get back to XP.
I shut down for the day and when I restarted the computer the dual boot menu
reverted to Vista Installation and repeats the original failed setup that
stops at 27% so I cannot reach the good installation that ran on the new
drive yestrerday.

How do I get Vista to stop seeing the failed partial setup and reflect the
good installation in the dual boot menu?

Appreciate any suggestions.