RE: Unable to install SP1

My Vista SP1 installed perfectly; the standalone version.

Tap F8, go into Safe Mode, uninstall SP1.

Then, find out what is wrong with your System: hardware drivers and software
that YOU have installed, that is not compatible with SP1.
Mad Mike

"JW" wrote:

My effort to install Vista Service Pack 1 has left my machine totally
unusable. I hope Bill Gates rots in hell for this complete and utter
failure. Sell Microsoft stock short. The company is a mess. It puts out
crap for software.

Bottom line on my experience. SP1 downloaded OK. In installation it made
it through the shut down. However, upon bootup, it appears to be stuck in
an infinite loop. The following is all that appears on my screen:

!! 0xc000034 !! 6521/69019 (x86_microsoft-windows-version_31bf3856ad3...)

It blinks, over and over and my hard drive is spinning. Nothing I've
attempted gets me anywhere but to this point ... blinking crap.

Now ... I'm forced to reload the system from scratch.