Re: Vista x64 Ultimate with integrated SP1 causing much grief! Can anyone help?

My experience on the issue - cannot document it, though - is that Vista (and XP) leaves hidden traces on the hard drive; reformatting the OS partition would not erase whatever data is hidden on the HDD. If you have another HDD, try to install on it (unplug the OS HDD).

If you do not have another HDD, before tossing the machine to the dumpster, however inconvenient, time consuming, undocumented etc, zero out the drive (low level disk tools from HDD's manufacturer's website), repartition and reinstall - have drivers ready.

Don't forget to make an image of the fresh install after activation.

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I was able to download Vista Ultimate 64Bit with SP1 integrated from
Microsoft. I started on this project Thursday and I have yet to have a
working computer. The original configuration is:

Tyan S2985 Thunder system board (nforce chipset)
Dual Opteron 280 processors
4 GB Ram
Dual NVIDIA 7900 GTX
four SATA drives running RAID 1+0
ASUS Xonar D2

I had been running Vista for several months but after installing a
bunch of software things started going downhill so I figured it would be
good to do a format and start over. I had applied SP1 seperately and
I've been running that, too, for several months, so I'd have to say the
hardware should be fine with Vista.

When I re-installed Thursday, I did a format of the OS partition and
reinstalled. Vista installed without any issue and but when I installed
nforce and geforce drivers, the computer would reboot without even a

I've run the integrated memory check (extended) from Vista overnight
and no issues. I've also run the memtest86+ testor and it didn't find
any issues.

I've been researching this for many hours, and I've reduced the RAM
down to 2 GB and removed the sound card and any peripherials. I even
went out and bought a new Geforce 9800 GTX Video card because I saw a
few posts about the 7000 series and Vista (however, I had been running
those cards fine for months). I have the 9800 installed now.

Here's where I am now...I'll give you some history and document what
I'm doing as it happens:
This is the 4th time I've gone through the format/install vista
process, and I'm still seeing errors at the start. Current state is
Vista Ultimate x64 w/SP1 installed and nforce drivers. I haven't tried
the Geforce Drivers yet. A window popped up titled Assert. The windows
says expression is: (!fInFire != !m_DEBUG_fInFire) Must be switching
states. Now here's the really crazy thing! It's saying the file is
d:\rtm\windows\advcore\duser\engine\motion\action.cpp; line 341.
However, drive D was formatted. I've turned on show hidden/system
files, and there isn't a d:\rtm directory - even hidden!

I've had IE stop responding a number of times while I was searching for
updates and solutions. I ended up typing this post on a different

Just for fun, I checked Windows Update, and it said everything was
current - nothing to download.

One thing to note: I did the NVIDIA auto-detect for motherboard
drivers, and it had me download 15.01_international for the nforce
drivers dated around July 2007. When I search manually the latest is
15.16 dated May 2008. In the mix of the 4 times of installed, I've
tried both of these - for now I'm with the ones that they auto-picked
for me.
OK. I saved the restore point and rebooted. Downloading latest
drivers from NVIDIA for the Gefore 9800. I installed them and was
prompted to reboot.

As soon as the login prompt for Vista came up, BSOD! Due to a
problem..... The stop code is 0x0000007E. It didn't mention any driver
or device. I reboot, try start windows normally, and same thing!

I've read on another post on another site that this may be common with
Ultimate. Going down to Business edition seems to fix this. Just
strange that I've been running Vista Ultimate for months and haven't had
any trouble. Must be the new build.

Any suggestions on getting Ultimate to work correctly for me? This is
driving me insane! 3 days working on this now and still no working