Re: upgrade from premium to ultimate

Thanks to everyone responding. Mick was correct.The school upgrade did
not include SP1. My son was much more relaxed about the situation last
night after talking to other students with the same problem. The IT
department was going around this morning informing the students that
the school had distributed the inadequate upgrade. By the time they got
back to John, I had already told him about Mick's idea and assured him
that if it was just the disk, the school would make amends. They will
be getting the right upgrades soon. Meanwhile, he has this forum to
fall back on! Thanks again!Mick Murphy;705413 Wrote:
It is a new laptop from Dell.
It should be Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 installed on it, going
by the
date of manufacture!
Click on StartRight-click on ComputerLeft-click Propertiesthat will
what version it is.

Ask the University IT guy if the Ultimate Upgrade disk contains Service
If it doesn't contain SP1, that is the reason you can not get it to do
The Upgrade disk is then classified as an earlier version of vista,
which it
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"jsusana" wrote:

My son just got a Dell Studioo 1735 with HOme premium. The computer
exceeds all of the minimum requirements for the college. His college
requires Ultimate and sold us the upgrade disk. Upon inserting the
disk he was given a choice of upgrading or partitioning, but when he
chose upgrade, an error message stated that he could not upgrade. He
clicked on partition. It took a while and several tries to get the
computer to go all of the way through the installation process. I do
not know if he stopped the failed attempts when it was taking so long
or if error messages came up. (he is impatient!).
It eventually went thru the list of the installation procedure,
its self off and came back on with the "WINDOWS ERROR RECOVERY"
black with white font. He chose "safe MODE" was able to start it back
and the Ultimate screen came on.
On the MY COMPUTER screen only 2 drives showed up: the OS and a
recovery drive. the cd drives had disappeared.
We called Dell, but could not understand the techs. MEanwhile he
it again and again The internet connection was lost also, so we
not do an online trouble- shoot. He kept trying to reload, reboot
etc. The recovery file kept growing. THe university IT guy came in
while we were talking to Dell ( one I could understand this time) and
between the two of them, they came up with:
1. system was not recognizing the cd drivers so the cd drivers need
be reinstalled (HOW? they could not decide)
2. that the system needed to go back to factory settings for Home
premium. (my son did that himself this morning)
3. Dell said that this computer will NEVER be able to run Ultimate,
that we would need to send it back for them to load ultimate- for a
"nominal fee"

Any advice would be helpful. He is operational with home premium,
not to school standards.