RE: Auto update hasn't installed SP1

There is normally a reason, like a non-compatible Driver, etc, as to why it
is not being offered in WU
For 64bit, it is 125MB through WU
The 5 language standalone download is over 700MBs for 64bit
They work OK in 32bit, the 5 language standalone(430 odd MBs), from my

That is the link to go for.
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"Ron O'Brien" wrote:

I've had Vista ultimate 64bit installed on a new built PC for just over a
week, auto up-dates set to update at noon each day. Just checked to discover
SP1 is not installed. When I go to Windows update I am told there are 34
updates available but they are all different languages - no SP1 mentioned.

How can I force it?



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