Re: Can I go back to XP?

Instance;816741 Wrote:
Hi, I bought a PC from Dell about six months ago, a Dimension 9200C with
Vista Home Edition. Now, I was hoping to go back to XP but one of my
friends says it probally wouldn't work due it coming already with Vista.
I read something how it depends, well I was hoping if anyknew how I
could find out if this would work? Do I just use my old XP disk and see
what happens, if it fails reinstall Vista? Thanks alot!

well if you have both original DVDs XP & VISTA with keys
i see no reason why not ..
format the drive & reinstall
(as long as bios options are not completely locked out)

but why you would want to go back to XP is beyond me.
is it due to sluggish performance or you just dont like it..??


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