Re: Windows update offers me KB938371 when I already have it.

"Chris Benton" <ChrisBenton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:7ACEDB89-86C6-41D4-A367-0605514C5DD7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
For months, I've been getting a prompt from Windows Update to install
KB938371. The install always fails, but then I thought to check my installed
updates list, and I discovered that this update had already been installed
back in February. Even so, Windows Update constantly pushes me to install it,
and I can't make it go away. I suspect that this is what is keeping me from
installing Visa SP1, since it thinks I don't have an update that I do, in
fact, have. I can't uninstall the previous installation of this update.
Please advise. Thanks.

Well, you go to the Windows Update site, view update list, find the update site, right-click the like, and select Hide. It won't come to your machine after you do that.