Re: Dual Booting

"Ian D" wrote:
"Bruce Chambers" wrote:
WinXP cannot be installed on an external hard drive, by design.

It can be installed on an external eSATA drive, but that's because
an eSATA drive is, functionally, an internal drive. Any laptop
that has a PC card slot that supports a Type II Cardbus can support
a Cardbus eSATA controller card.

I had hoped that I'd be able to boot from an external eSATA
drive that was connected to my Dell laptop via a PCIe eSATA
controller card. But... it turns out that the system can see the
eSATA HD only after the OS is loaded. It seems that the only
way to boot from an eSATA HD (or to load the OS from an
eSATA HD) is to have the eSATA controller part of the mother-
board ROM.