Vista by the balls

Hi all,

Just wanted to thank everyones experiences with installation problems
on vista x64, i had troubles a lot but with the combined knowledge of
people on the forums i have been able to get it working so far with no

I tried all the different things from several forums and posts to get
an almost error free event log with no lock ups.

1. Have main HDD connected where the os is going to be installed to
only (no other HDD's)
2. Have cd/dvd drive connected (no other optical devices)
3. Have 1 video card connected (leave 2nd or 3rd out for now)
4. Leave USB/Firewire etc mainboard ext devices unplugged for now
5. Have only one ram stick installed

These simple 5 steps i did when i installed Vista premium x64 gave me a
clean event log :)

After the installion of Vista was completed i then loaded Mainboard
drivers then the video drivers allowing for reboots as needed. Once all
this was done i then shut down the PC and installed the other ram
module, ext USB/Firewire and secong video card.

Then powered the computer back up with a clean event log :)
For people using an eVGA 790i mainboard the drivers that eVGA have on
there website are buggy as i found out when i put them on it gave me
event log errors and even locked my system up, i removed them and put
the currently signed Nvidia drivers on with out any issue.

I did find that i seem to have issues with having both ram modules
loaded, so much so that it was giving me lockups and even affecting my
3dmark score, so having the 1 ram module in only i went from buggy
install to clean install and no lockups. Even my CPU score in 3dmark
tripled WTF so tonight i will be testing the ram modules one at a time
to see if its a bad ram stick or an issue with the slot.

Thanks again everyone for all your personal info on issues people have
had installing Vista and there work arounds, Great job all :)


Q6600@xxxx Air - eVGA 790i Ultra - 2 x eVGA GTX260 Super Clocked SLI -
Corsair Dom DDR3-1333 2 x 2Gb - 28inch Viewsonic LCD - SS850 watt PSU -
Vista Premium 64 SP1