Re: Enough 3rd-party apps to make 64bit Vista worthwhile?

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Hi, Mark.

I think you'll find very few 32-bit Win/Vista PCs on the market today. That
is, 32-bit HARDWARE. The typical machine now has a 64-bit CPU loaded with a
32-bit Vista operating system.

Really happy to hear that, plus the rest of the info
in your post.

Of course, the Dragon software you need
just might be the exception. Sorry 'bout that.

Me too :-\ Hopefully they will eventually yield to
market forces and grind out a 64 bit version of Dragon.


I am spoiled by the added speed of 64 bit _software_. I come from a Mac background which is all 64 bit.

Presently I run 32 bit Dragon software on a MacBook Pro.
(using a separate Vista partition on the Mac hardware)

Vista Ultimate running Dragon 9.5 - full medical version.

The 32 bit version of Dragon runs "satisfactorily"
at the present time.

For example, I ran a timed test, speaking
at the high rate of 336 wpm. (60 second test)

Test dang near broke my tongue, maintaining 336 wpm
speaking speed in a legible fashion for 60 seconds.

Dragon running on the Mac kept up with that fast rate,
yielding 100% speech-to-text accuracy, the words
appearing on the screen as fast as I was speaking them.

Being a greedy cuss, I realized if I was running a
background app such as Photoshop, then Dragon
would bog down and fail the speed test.

Would definitely need 64 bit Dragon if I were
planning to run background applications.