Re: Problems with re-install after MOBO upgrade

I have a similar problem exept my computer with the new mobo will not boot.
It goes into safe mode and dies at CRCdrive.sys. I then go into the repair
loop with the install disk and Vista cannot fix the problem. As I cannot get
a windows boot, my only option is to blow away my data. I've loaded every
device driver that came with the mobo and have recorded all the error codes,
but nothing makes sense. I researched a similay problem with XP that occurs
when the new board has a new IDE chip; I loaded all the new IDE/SATA/Raid
drivers without any luck. The diagnostic trail concsistently reports 'system
files integrity check & repair error 0x490'. When I look at the diagnostic
details going to MSFT the reports are always the same except for one line in
the Eventlog - Startup RepairV2==> Signature 04 327684 the first few times,
then 786443. All the other parameters are consistent.

"Bistey Csaba" wrote:

You can install XP upgrade that or can install Vista without key and
upgrade that (first way is surely legal, not sure about second).
But does not really matter which way you choose as most likely you will
get (Product Key already in use!) at Activation,as a new mobo will
surely make Vista paranoid. By the way if your current installation
would boot up on new hardware it would still ask you for Activation.


Andy J wrote:
Yes I have an upgrade key. But vista won't allow me to re-install over the
current installation (which is what I want to do). It says (this is not the
exact wording because I am not at my computer) something like "If using this
licence key, please run the installation routine from within the current
installation". I would imagine that if I roll back to XP, I will then be able
to upgrade, but that I will still have the activation problem?

"Bistey Csaba" wrote:

What exactly Vista tell you when you enter the key? From what you wrote
it is looks like that it is telling you that you can't use upgrade key
to clean install Vista. If that is the case (you have Vista Upgrade),
you should first reinstall the Upgrade base (like xp or whatever
licensed OS you purchased upgrade for) then from it install Upgrade.
As for Activation it will most likely fail (with Product Key already
been used). If you make an installation without key, you can install
upgrade from it with upgrade key. (netherless you still need a licensed
upgrade base to use it legally).

As for Activation you most likely have to call MS Activation Center tell
them you changed MB and Installation ID, write in the Activation ID you
got and you done (like an 5 min call).


Andy J wrote:
I recently had to swap MOBOs after a hardware failure. Of course, Vista SP1
won't boot. I tried a repair but, surprise surprise, no luck. However, when I
try and re-install, I enter my product key but the system tells me I should
re-install from within the existing installation using this key not by
booting from the DVD. Of course I can't do this! I presume my only option is
to re-install without entering the product key, but then I'm sure Vista most
likely won't activate because it will say the product key has already been
used! Is there a work around anybody knows about?


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