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Real fast is what you won't get. Installing either XP or Vista to an external drive is not supported. There are workarounds for XP easily found on the web, but the throughput is so slow that the installation will be unusable in a practical sense. Plus, you really should have a Vista disk so that you can affect repairs as needed before doing things of this nature.

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Hi I just bought and external hardrive for my Toshiba Satellite A-200
laptop and I was wondering if there was any way that I could dual boot
xp and vista with vista preinstalled. Because it is preinstalled I do
not have the boot disc. BUT. I do have the xp disc that I own. I was
wondering if anybody knew about a tutorial or any step by step guides on
how to install the xp os to the external hard drive and then dual boot
with vista. Thanks in advance to any help. I NEED HELP REAL FAST