Re: Vista Ultimate 32bit Upgrade - STOP Error

It is something related to drivers, not the drive. (Unless it is an older
IDE drive that needed ATAPI.sys support.)
You can try installing to the SATA drive, or go into BIOS and disable the
SATA support until install is done, or install SATA drivers from USB during
the install, or set the SATA drive to work in IDE mode. It's been almost two
years since I had this problem and now I only restore images. I do not
re-install from scratch, so... but for me, I updated the BIOS and unplugged
the second drive. Everything worked fine after that.

MS gives the following advice of which only the last two for 0x7B usually
apply: (and seems to coroborate my experience with this problem.)

"Eyeon" <Eyeon.3ecpbb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I tried to redo the upgrade with the sata drive not attached and
received the same error.

Does that mean it's probably the ide hdd causing the problem?

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