Re: Migrating from Windows 98SE to Vista

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It would have been quicker to state that no version of Windows Backup
ever been compatible with an earlier version..

He needs to know that other stuff too and not go into Vista blind. :)

You need to control your verbosity.

I see I am going to have to killfile you, because there seems to be
something wrong with you when you will start following some around like
this. Do you see me in your face. You mean nothing to me.


Nice try "Mr Arnold". You LOVE reading my posts. Of course you have
to use different IDs every day to keep yourself visible to those who
have killfiled you:

MISTER "Arnold":
and more

Little Mad Dog:
and more

The Lone Ranger:
and more

The Lone Ranger1:
and more

Junk Yard Dog:
and more

Not to mention times when you used my name/email address and
variations of both.