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Thank you very much for responding to my question. I had the erroneous
impression that the Millenium 9.5 editon of Lotus was the most recent version.
You asked why I would think that the MS98 backup program might work. My
point of reference comes from working with IBM mainframes where program
compatibility was an objective. A program written to work on 360
architecture in the late 1960's could be expected to work twenty year later
even though the hardware architecture went through some number of iterations
during that period. That served the interests of their customer community.
From your comment this obviously has not been the case in the world of PC's.

No, PC(s) and various versions of the O/S are not the IBM 360/370 O/S(s) running on a mainframe platform. You have to be very careful what you install on Vista that is not Vista compliant, because it may crash Vista or cause other applications that are running on Vista to crash. Vista does have backwards capability setting to run a program that's is for Win 9'x, XP or Win 2k, etc, ect, but you have to be careful.

If you must run legacy solutions the you have this option.

Some other things you may want to look at.

Since you're talking IBM 360 and Windows 9'x, Windows 9'X is a root privileged O/S and Vista is not, so you may need to be aware of things.


Also if the Vista O/S has been preinstalled on the computer by the manufacture, then the very first thing you should do before you do anything else is make those Recovery DVD(s), because you don't have an install Vista DVD, and the only way you can install the O/S is from that Recovery DVD.

One last thing, do you see how I am reply posting to you. That is proper etiquette in making a reply post to someone, because otherwise, the way you're doing it, you're posting back to your original post and no marker is in the post as to whom you are posting to, if you are replying to several posters in the thread.

It would have been quicker to state that no version of Windows Backup has ever been compatible with an earlier version..

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