RE: Reinstall or Upgrade Vista?

There should be a 2nd Partition on your Hard Drive, which is the Recovery
Partition to take it back to factory standards, if they did not give you a
DVD for Recovery.

Have a look through any manual that came with your computer, or check out
their website for info on how to for the reinstallation, email them or phone
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"Aracnephobiar" wrote:

Hi all, I am basically having problems with my Vista. It is Windows
Vista Home Premium SP1. So, I was thinking to either re-install it
(which I do not have the DVD and need to buy it) or do a Windows
Business upgrade which is cheaper. Can someone help me or give

P.S.: How will the upgrade be like? I mean, does it store your Windows
files or delete them and create new ones?



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