RE: Migrating from Windows 98SE to Vista

Thank you very much for responding to my question. I had the erroneous
impression that the Millenium 9.5 editon of Lotus was the most recent version.
You asked why I would think that the MS98 backup program might work. My
point of reference comes from working with IBM mainframes where program
compatibility was an objective. A program written to work on 360
architecture in the late 1960's could be expected to work twenty year later
even though the hardware architecture went through some number of iterations
during that period. That served the interests of their customer community.
From your comment this obviously has not been the case in the world of PC's.

"sjh" wrote:

I have several questions.
I have just purchased a new PC with Vista Home Premium. I plan to install
Lotus123 and Word Pro (Millenium Edition 9.5) which I've been using on my old
PC and migrate the files that I've backed up to the new machine. These were
backed up using the backup program that Microsoft provided with 98SE.
Assuming that I can extract and install the backup program on the new system,
is there any problem in doing this? Can that program be extracted? Would
that backup program work on Vista?
I've also backed up my favorites and my address files with this program. I
know Vista is very different but can you give me any guidance as to how I
might transfer these two files so that they would be usable on Vista?