Re: Vista install failing on Dell Latitude D830

"Scott S." wrote:

I need the machine to join the domain otherwise I would be happy with Vista

You can't upgrade from Vista Home to Vista Business, it requires a clean
install for some reason.

I can't legally upgrade the machien to Ultimate bcause that was a
development license, and I am building several laptops for the sales team, so
they require production licenses, so I need to use the Vista Business or XP
Pro ones we get as a MS Partner.

Great point about the SATA drivers for XP. The disk is SP2 version, but it
might not have them. But the Vista install itself ran fine so i would have
thought it would have the SATA drivers by default. I'll look into that in

Thanks for the quick response,

"LVTravel" wrote:

"Scott S." <ScottS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
As a MS Partner my small business receives a number of licenses for Vista
I bought 2 Latitude D830 laptops from Dell shipped with cheapest OS
which was Vista Home Basic.
I booted the Partner Program Vista Business CD and choose a custom install
to get a "clean" install. I formated the HD and Vista copied the disk
onto the machine. It then reboots to continue the install.

When it reboots "Windows" appears with the busy/progress bar empty, it
makes it 1/2 way across and then reboots again. This will continue in a

If I press F8 and pick safe mode, it boots to a message saying ti cannot
continue install in safe mode. If I pick Disable auto restart, then I get
Stop error 0x0000007B which means it can't find the boot device.

If I try to boot an XP install CD it tells me it can't find a HD to

This all leads me to believe I need a special HD driver for the system in
order to install an OS on this machine.

Dell support won't support non-OEM OS not sold by them and said to talk
Microseft Partner Tech support was clueless as to what is going on and
to talk with Dell.

Anyone have any idea what to try?


Did you download and have available any SATA driver that may be required to
install the OS on the SATA drive that Dell shipped with the system. (XP
would require the SATA driver right after starting the install, F6 and load
the driver.)

Also, other than your possible issue with all the junk Dell ships with your
system why didn't you just use the new Ultimate disk to do an in-place
upgrade for your OEM OS? To the best of my knowledge the only issue you
would have is if you went from 32 bit OS to Ultimate 64 bit OS and that
would have required a full reinstall like you are trying to do. If you are
just upgrading from 32 bit Basic to 32 bit Ultimate I would recommend
rebuilding with the Dell rebuild method they supplied and then do the

Of course if there is an issue with this type of upgrade I hope someone else
will post what that issue is since I am still learning about Vista and am
also getting ready to do the same type of upgrade you have done but mine is
Home Premium to Ultimate for domain network necessity.

Hi Scots
This error message i have see many times on the Dell froums
Stop error 0x0000007B it means you do not have the sata driver installed
you can use a floppy,pin drive or even CD\DVD drive to install it
or go to the bios and disabe the Raid on to ATA mode or something close to
that and Vista should install with no problems.
Good Luck