Re: Disk management refuses to assign a disk letter. Help!

What would be the way to do that?

I don't seem to be able to do anything via "Disk Management, (see my very first post), and as far as I can see you cannot assign a drive letter to a partition using "Diskpart", only to a volume, which does not seem to exist.

Is there something else I can try?

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What happens when you try and assign a Drive letter to the Partition?
My world book backup uses the drive letter I assign to the partition.
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Well, there is stuff on it, which is my only backups! I'm loath to format the drive as I cannot backup to DVD first, as that has stopped working too. So if the format fails, I'd be in a difficult place.

From what I can glean from various utilities, Vista, (and Diskpart), see no volume on the drive, although they both see a partition...

My old XP machine mounts the drive straight away, and I can see and use all files.

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I'm not sure here, but is there stuff on it ? Otherwise I would format
it in NTFS (eventually partition it) from within the OS on which it is
connected; than I guarantee you it will be able to assign drive letters.

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