Re: Enough 3rd-party apps to make 64bit Vista worthwhile?

AFAIK 32bit programs run in Vista 64 just as fast as they do in 32 bit. However, Since Vista 64 itself is a 64 bit program all OS functions run faster. You can also fully support 4GB or more memory with Vista 64.
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If you have the money, you can build a nice (lots of RAM) Vista 64-bit PC
and then run virtual machines w/ a 32-bit OS.
Otherwise, not yet... and probably it will take a couple of years till
64-bit CPUs will become mainstream so that there will be some incentives for
software companies to produce competitive 64-bit applications.

Thanks, that is what I wanted to find out.

Guess like most others I will wait, except for
possibly a little "dabbling" to see how difficult
it is to install/run a 64 bit OS.

Appears to be a catch-22 situation, users not
switching, therefore no incentive to create software.