Re: Enough 3rd-party apps to make 64bit Vista worthwhile?

"Mark Conrad" <noneof@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:noneof-A7C7A2.18543014082008@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have been considering switching to 64 bit Vista.

Would anyone please list a few of the pros and cons?

Here presently running 32 bit Vista on Mac hardware.

My main app is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. (medical)

Think I will check their website to see if they plan
to grind out a 64 bit version of Dragon.

Really just interested whether or not a lot of
mainstream "general" apps are available yet.


Many applications would not benefit from being 64bit, but eventually they will be converted if only to put 32bit to sleep forever.. presently, there is little or no incentive to do this..

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