Mission Impossible? Dual Boot XP and Vista?

Mission Impossible? Dual Boot XP and Vista
Hello Everyone,
I know there must be an easier way of getting this to run but
my goal is to install XP and Vista on
one machine using SATA drives. While I am almost positive I could
accomplish the same thing through VMWare, given
what I plan on using the OSes for, I want as little interference from
VMWare as possible.

What I would like to do is install XP on my Primary Hard Drive
and install additional OS's on other
Physical Hard Drives. Then hot swap the OS's and at Boot Up specify the
Hard drive I want to run in.
Currently, XP is running on my Primary Hard Drive. I just bought
a secondary hard drive which I had planned
on using for Vista. These are physical disk however and it seems that
Vista (or maybe any OS) will only install on
the Primary Active Partition. However, any secondary physical disk is
seen by Vista as a Dynamic Partition and
therefore incapable of being installed on.
I think I initially made the mistake of initializing the disk in
XP by performing a quick format with NTFS
and seeing if the drive worked at all. Unfortunately, when I did that,
I only had the option of creating a dynamic
disk. Here are the actions I've already tried in trouble shooting:
*Reformatting new disk with NTFS
*Running Installation from Primary Hard Drive with XP and installing
on Secondary Physical Disk
*Disconnecting Primary Hard Drive, Booting from Vista OS Disc, and
installing on only Physical Disk
*Downloaded VistaBootPro (but have yet to use)- I've heard that this
isn't quite what I need to do but am
willing to try at this point.

This has got me pretty confused as I have installed XP hundreds of
times (I work in IT). I don't think I've
ever ran into this type of problem before. Granted, most users don't
run multiple OS's on their machine - but
still, I didn't think I would still have this problem if the computer
could only see one hard drive in the
computer! Now I'm just plain confused.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Or what solutions I can
try to fix it?

I'm currently about midway through the MCSE Certification and would
like an easy way of switching between
multiple operating systems. Because VMWare often changes the network
settine (with virtual networks, virtual IP
addresses, etc), I do not want to use VMWare for this heavily
network-based certification. Working with NAT, IPSec
and VPN is confusing enough WITHOUT the virtual part.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you