Re: How can I save my data before reinstalling vista

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Help Please?????

"Dominic Payer" wrote:

The Knoppix CD 5.1.0 - not the DVD version 5.3.1, which is much larger and
would contain more than you need - will give you a bootable Linux system
running entirely from the CD. See . With this you
can back up any files you want to another disk or other type of drive.

If the disk has been badly corrupted or will not work only a recovery
specialist would be able to recover the data.

Some types of motherboard component failure can result in disk error
messages when the disk itself is good.

"Tara Roper-Washington" <TaraRoperWashington@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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My hard drive went crazy (emachine) I would like to recover my data before
they change out my hard drive again. when I boot up it gives me two
bios setting and F10 to boot. I can not access safe mode to backup and I
dont have a bootable cd. I do have another computer with vista to make a
bootable cd if I knew what files to copy. Is there anyway I can save my
before trying to reinstall or send it back to gateway for another hard
Help Please?????