Re: vista 64 bit / 32 bit confusion please urgent help needed.

A clean install does not mean that you are not upgrading from an existing installation it just means that no part of the existing installation that you are upgrading on top of is being used as part of the "clean install". The files from the old installation are contained in a folder called Windows Old which you will see as part of the new Clean Installation.
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how do i do a C L E A N I N S T A L L with the alternative media for
vista home premium upgrade edition. is it possible?
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> > >
> >yes i realize the requirements. i meet all of them. i do have an e6600
> >processor, which includes the emt64 instruction set. what i want to
> ask
> >is do i have to have xp installed because my vista license is an
> upgrade
> >license. > >

Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit requires a clean install.

C L E A N I N S T A L L.