Re: Vista SP1 has crippled my PC!

Yeah, I did that, but I couldn't actually see a driver for the DVD drive hardware or for USB support. Any chance you could suggest which driver I need?

Also, the machine was only bought in February of this year, and a lot of the drivers pre-date that so I'm assuming I already have them.



"Mark H" <jmhonzell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OAfSemH$IHA.2056@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You appear to have internet capability... did you go to the HP website,
download the drivers specific to your laptop and re-install them? SP1 may
have installed generics crippling your specific hardware.

Make sure you get the right 6720 model.
Here's the linke to the 6720s:

"Andy G" <georgi66@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Going round and round in circles, all support sources useless so far. Any
help would be really appreciated.

3 Days ago I had a Compaq notebook (6720s) that was working OK, although
functionality was pretty random.

Then I tried to install Vista SP1 as offered by Windows Update. The
failed. 2 different System Restore points also fail.... Terrific.

System no longer shows DVD drive in My Computer or Computer Management,
it shows in Device Manager as not working, no drivers. My printer (USB),
longer works, nor my external hard drive, (USB), nor apparently anything
a USB port. Everything else seems OK, apart from System Restore of

I've tried the Filters fix that everyone seems to suggest. No good.

Microsoft will not give me their much-trumpeted free support on SP1 as my
Windows (Home Basic), is OEM. Hewlett Packard just suggest doing a system
restore using F11 on start up. Tried that, and guess what, no restore
points shown....

Catch 22, 44, and 66 as far as I can see.

No idea where to go next. I've tried some other stuff, but if anyone can
give me a steer to at least try thinking about other directions.

Thanks in advance.