Re: vista 64 bit / 32 bit confusion please urgent help needed.

yes i know the hardware itself can allocate 4gb of ram as my motherboard
can see all of it. the nforce 5 series is certainly 64 bit capable. what
i am asking is how to install the 64 bit vista correctly. i have
upgraded from xp, which subsumes that license if im correct. if that
license is subsumed, i cant reinstall xp, which means i have to install
the 64 bit alt media over my 32 bit vista home premium currently
installed. how long do i have to activate it over phone? Curious;801891 Wrote:
Did you check to see if Velocity Micro supports Vista 64 bit and greater
then 4GB memory addressing on the system hardware that your purchased
them with them XP?
When you install the 64 bit version you will use the key that came with
retail 32 bit upgrade package.
You will have to a clean install to Vista 64 bit since you you can not
the 64bit install from the 32 bit version only from the installation
You may have to use phone activation to explain that you are
your Home Premium to change from 32 bit to 64 bit.

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heres my situation. i had a pc from velocity micro- it came with an
version of xp 32 bit home. I bought the upgrade version of windows
home premium 32 bit. im at the point now where i realize that my 4gb
ram is not being used in my 32 bit environment. so i ordered the 64
alternative media disc from microsoft.

my question is how to install this 64 bit disc. will i have
problems? do i have to install vista twice? do i really have to
reinstall xp and will that cause problems?

thanks x64 community!

sniper16 > >


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