Re: Office Basic 2007 Product Key not working on new laptop w/ Vista

dude i have a tohshiba satellite 2 and i absoloutley LOVE it!! the whole
product key thing happens on like every new computer i have no idea why.
i have a dell desktop and i had to friggin call sum guy from dell to fix
it and it took like 3 hours. omfg thats y i hate microsoft so much! and
then when u go to the website for support they F**KING wanna charge u
$49 bucks just for help (as if it we nothing!!) i F**KING swear if it
werent 4 me having to do a typed project 4 summer reading, i woudnt even
be bothering wit this SH*T!!! i been on this looking everywhere 4 like
an hour!! so next time totally go with toshiba bt screw microsoft if u

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