Re: Dual Boot VIsta Ultimate and XP Home

No problem glad to be of help.
Its easy to get tied up in knots when things dont work out, i know i do especially as i get older LOL.
I have no formal IT training but self taught from the first computer back in the 1970`s and its hard to keep up when your not working in that environment anymore. I just build & maintain my own pc`s as and when and always do something more complicated than just a `C` drive plain install, lol.
This is one of the things i like about the Newsgroups and internet, everyone is so helpful, and giving up there time to help others.
Thanks also to the other replies on helpfull web links.
Good luck John and all,

"jpmurph1" <jm920@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:moqt94dekk4au71vv0f0371vlc1qvggvmb@xxxxxxxxxx
Thanks all so much now i can sleep LOL but my first thought was what
graham said, xp just didnt like what vista did to create and format
the partition,and didnt know what to do with it and tried to create
one of its own, weird but i kinda thought that as i was installing it,
but convinced myself that everything was gonna be ok, this is the bad
part of when i get bored, and do things like this, but i dont panic,
my reaciton is just "oh well" have to reinstall vista, no big deal,
guess the patience comes with age thaniks again guys and pardon the
typing as i have 3 broken fingers on one of my hands so i dont
backspace to fix typos LOL thanks again
doing dual boots, xp and 98 , its killing me not knowing what
the hell was going on and what happened?? thanks for any help with
this, i am losing sleep on this one LOL