Re: Setup of 13 port 2.0 USB self powered hub.

Thank you Michael, I am going to plug a Fax into a USB 2. I do not want to plug USB 2 devices into USB 1.1 ports. Even Dell told me that the 1.1 ports are so your old devices don't become obsolete because they put all USB 2 ports in. I told him that was BS. They were just saving money using up all their old stock of 1.1 ports. USB 3 will be coming out and will be faster than firewire. I am getting a new USB 2 copy/scan/Print. So most of my devices will be USB 2. The monitor does have a USB plug and the setup instructions call for it to be installed. Plus, I plug in various other portable products such as loading pictures onto keychains , flash drives, webcam and picture frames with slide shows. I am using 4 of the hubs ports now, 2 of my new card, and 1 that originally came with machine. I will also be setting up my dedicated picture printer which is USB 2. When I have all USB 2 devices on the machine, the usb 1.1s will be useless. I put the card in not just for the USB 2 ports but for the firewire 800 ports. the firewire that came with the machine is 400. If the e-sata does not work well with my external backup...My second choice would be the firewire 800. In the Monitor there are USB 1.1 hubs, not self powered, (Dell monitor). Thank you for responding and for the tips and link

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USB 2.0 is faster (480 MB specs) and should be reserved for USB2.0 devices (some flash memory, webcams, gaming hardware etc that are labeled USB2.0) but you can also use it for USB 1.0 devices.

Anyway, you look to have too many USB ports (13 on external Hub and 2 on PCI Card) for a few devices.
Since you mention 1 printer, 1 scanner, and (if I get it right) UPS USB link for software control, plus, probably, mouse, keyboard, webcam, that would be 6 - and you have 6 ports already on your PC.

Monitor in USB? - should be in DVI or HDMI output on your graphics card - unless the monitor has a USB hub itself. Use one of the PC's USB2.0 hubs the monitor USB hub if you use it frequently w/ more devices plugged in. You do not need to keep rarely used devices plugged in all the time. APS backup USB link can go in USB1.

If you use a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) - at the wall power outlet, obviously - you do not need any other surge protection; make sure most expensive equipment and the one you do not want to lose data from is plugged in the battery outlets. Check APC Calculator for power needs:

To sum up, if you do not use more than 6 USB devices simultaneously, get rid of the 13 Hub and PCI card. Use the PCI card only if you need the USB 2.0 ports. See if and how many USB ports your PC monitor has (they should be self-powered) and use those if needed instead of other hubs - less cable clutter etc.


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Dell sent my XPS 420 MACHINE WITH 6 USB 1 ports!! and 2 USB 2 ports. So I installed a PCI express card in the pci express slot with 2 USB 2 ports and 2 firewire 800 ports. Then I purchased a very nice compact 13 port USB self powered HUB. This is how I set it up.: I had no guidance so I would like to know if I did it right. I plugged the APS backup battery, USB into one of the original USB 2 ports that came with the new computer. I plugged the Monitor into one of the USB ports on my new PCI CARD and I plugged the 13 port hub into the other USB2 slot on my pci card.

I then plugged my printer into the self powered hub and the Scanner into one of the ports. I put the electric plug for the hub into a smaller APC surge protector with my Windows 98se Dell desktop which is still connected on the other side of the desk. I am running Vista Ultimate on the new machine. I plugged that surge protector into the APC battery backup . The battery backup, I plugged into the wall. The Vista Machine is plugged into a smaller APC Surge Protector which is plugged into the battery backup. Does this sound right so far?
The Vista Ultimate Dell xps 420 has 2 hard drives a 750gb with C: drive and original backup. and a 1 TB hard that I installed and is partitioned for Videos, Pictures, music, etc. I also put a Seagate internal 1TB hard drive into a eSATA/usb/or firewire case as an external backup. There was no software with that so I still have to learn how to do that. But at last most of the system is set up. (the case for the external hd has a fan and runs quietly. I anchored the hub to my desk and wrapped and labeled the wires with Velcro strips. I have no one advising me at this point, so could someone tell me please, do I have this set up correctly? Thank you in advance. Ginny