Re: Dual Boot VIsta Ultimate and XP Home

Here's my reply to another posting in this NG on using
Gparted to create partitions for both Vista and other OSes::

On my Dell laptop with pre-installed Vista, I had good luck using
Gparted - a Linux partition manager which runs on a bare-bones
version of Linux (which disappears when you exit Gparted).
Gparted will shrink Vista's partition much further than will Vista's
Disk Management, and it's just as intuitive to use. You can
download a free .zip file to make a live USB stick (as I did) or you
can download a free .iso file to make a live CD. These free files are
are both available from .
Here's some user documentation:
(For the live USB, I take all the defaults at startup, except that
I choose "1" - for the "Medium" level of expertise - and then I
tell it NOT to let the startup routine select the graphic driver auto-
matically, but then I accept its selection and the rest of the defaults.)

Don't use Gparted to add or delete logical drives to/from a Vista-
created Extended partition, though. Vista uses a new 2,048-sector
offset from the beginning of its partitions, and the feature can cause
problems for other partition managers in Extended partitions.


"GrahamH" <graham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Could be that when you used vista to do the partitioning and formatting XP
didnt like it. There is i believe something different in the structure of
Vista`s partitioning and formating. It may not be backward compatible, at
least with 3rd party partitoning software. Cant rememeber what the difference
is but a search on the web will find it.
I guess you installed XP on an extended partition/logical drive in which case
the mbr would have been overwritten by the o/s and also system files.
This is the way i did it, as it then isolates each o/s from each other.

I have installed XP home and Vista premium on same drive and the way i did it
was to create two Primary partitions and format ntfs using paragon hard disk
I installed XP on the second primary and Vista on the first.
Just make the partition you want to install O/S on active first.
I also created on the second primary an extended partition and logical drive
and installed XP again for testing software purposes.
So i can boot to Vista / Xp / and Xp test.
You need to use a boot manager like paragon that can select and make active
either partition depending on o/s selection at boot.

Good luck

"john p murphy" <jm920@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Ok, so i am bored last weekend, i am presently running Vista Ultimate,
and figured i would install XP HOme editon, i create a partition using
vista disk management, format it, put some files on it, partiton was
just fine, so i put in the xp disk, reboot, does the standard XP thing
copying windows files, now time to reboot, after reboot, i get this
message, missing operating system, well i tried to reinstall again and
again, so i put in the vista dvd, boot, go to repair, repair fails
miserably, so i just figure, new vista install, so i do, get to the
part to partiton, etc, what i notice is now i have 3 partitions, C,D,
and an unallocated space, small, so i remove all the partitions, and
just install vista, no problems, running fine now, what i am curious
about is what the hell just went on,????? years ago, i never had
problems doing dual boots, xp and 98 , its killing me not knowing what
the hell was going on and what happened?? thanks for any help with
this, i am losing sleep on this one LOL