Re: Dual Boot VIsta Ultimate and XP Home

Here's an explanation of the problem:
Here's the reference that explaines Vista's new partitioning
Here's just one How-To that uses VistaBootPro:
Here's a How-To that uses Vista's own "bcdedit" command:


"GrahamH" wrote:
Could be that when you used vista to do the partitioning and
formatting XP didnt like it. There is i believe something different
in the structure of Vista`s partitioning and formating. It may not
be backward compatible, at least with 3rd party partitoning
software. Cant rememeber what the difference is but a search
on the web will find it. I guess you installed XP on an extended
partition/logical drive in which case the mbr would have been
overwritten by the o/s and also system files. This is the way i
did it, as it then isolates each o/s from each other.

I have installed XP home and Vista premium on same drive and
the way i did it was to create two Primary partitions and format
ntfs using paragon hard disk manager.
I installed XP on the second primary and Vista on the first.
Just make the partition you want to install O/S on active first.
I also created on the second primary an extended partition and
logical drive and installed XP again for testing software purposes.
So i can boot to Vista / Xp / and Xp test.
You need to use a boot manager like paragon that can select
and make active either partition depending on o/s selection at boot.

Good luck

"john p murphy" wrote:
Ok, so i am bored last weekend, i am presently running Vista Ultimate,
and figured i would install XP HOme editon, i create a partition using
vista disk management, format it, put some files on it, partiton was
just fine, so i put in the xp disk, reboot, does the standard XP thing
copying windows files, now time to reboot, after reboot, i get this
message, missing operating system, well i tried to reinstall again and
again, so i put in the vista dvd, boot, go to repair, repair fails
miserably, so i just figure, new vista install, so i do, get to the
part to partiton, etc, what i notice is now i have 3 partitions, C,D,
and an unallocated space, small, so i remove all the partitions, and
just install vista, no problems, running fine now, what i am curious
about is what the hell just went on,????? years ago, i never had
problems doing dual boots, xp and 98 , its killing me not knowing what
the hell was going on and what happened?? thanks for any help with
this, i am losing sleep on this one LOL