Re: Drive "not accessible"

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The primary os installation (Vista) on one of the my computers' drives is no longer accessible, either to boot from or to access from a different drive.

The problem started when, upon rebooting, chkdsk began examining my drives and began replacing the "invalid security id" for thousands of files.
The message displayed for each sequential file was:
"replacing invalid security id with default security id for file xxxxxx."

Unfortunately, it continued doing this for what may have been 100's of thousands of files.

Now, attempts to boot from the drive result in a few drivers being loaded before a blank screen appears.

Is there any way of , at least, accessing the drive to retrieve some files?

I tried using the Windows installation disk to repair but was unsuccessful.

Very doubtful, by the sound of it.

Was the computer slow or acting strangely while leading up to this?

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