RE: Want to Reformat have questions

Most computers that did not come with a cd have a recovery partition built
into it. If you push F11 when booting up, it should activate the system
recovery process which will wipe everything off of your computer and set it
just like it was when you bought it. Warning! If you have installed Office
on your computer, you will need to reinstall it using the CD etc. Most
store-bought computers only come with a trial version of office on them.

"spikevash13" wrote:

I have a Lenovo N100 laptop that only has 30 Gigs left of the like 120 but I
dont know how I got down that far anyways. But my problem is when I bought
the laptop it did not come with a vista cd. So I was wondering how can I
reformat this computer? And if I do reformat it somehow will the programs it
came with be on there? or will it be just vista like I think?