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Yes, David. Several times by both techs and in clean boot mode by myself, and by the techs. The top of Dell Webcam works. (The camera works). and if I make a movie of myself, another computer can see it. But I haven't actually tried a video comference. The buttons on the bottom.....sometimes it will get in to the Avatar creating mode and works to create the avatar. Although I haven't figured how to get her to say a script yet.
But when we push the "Live Cam Avatar" button, we get a blue screen and then Everything on the screen gets 4 times its size. A window with a picture of a cat tries to open with an error message on top of that. (very fast-hard to read. Dell Webcam Avatar warning: "C:\ Program files....."?
Then if I get a Webcam Manager unable to launch the program. Please try Again. Then when I try again I get a blue screen....Everything gets very big (like safe mode only not grey). ..then another warning ......s creative live cam Avatar Creative Live/:CT4IM. Webcam Manager unable to launch the program. Please try again later, Then a warning. A problem stopped the Program from working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. and then there is a button that says "close program". So I push it.

I have both Windows Live Messenger, and AIM on my machine. I wonder if I remove one if the other will work. This program seems to have been originally for Windows Live, but it has a button where you download little aplets to use with AIM or WINDOWS LIVE. or some others.

I was only using Windows Live to allow a technician friend to come into the computer to help me set it up. We are no longer in touch and I don't know anyone else who is willing to download the Windows Live Messenger. I have several friends and family on AIM. I know AIM is notorious for causing all kinds of problems and the Windows Live was working great (except for this), Should I uninstall one of them? Which one? I can't even find directions on the Creative site. It looks to me as if this is a discontinued model, but I may be wrong.

Dell makes it look as if they are giving you something but it is very deceiving. i.e.: they said that on this $2500 machine I would get 8 USB ports. Who would even think that 6 of them would be USB 1 !!!??? Any suggestions for next steps would be appreciated. Thank you again, David, for answering. Ginny
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Good old Dell support. Have you tried a complete uninstall and reinstall of the cam software and drivers?


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David, They did not give me a case number, just a promise. So I called back today. I was shuffled around three times, disconnected once. That took an hour. Finally, got a service person who came in and did pretty much the same thing the other one did. (I have not had them fix any problem I have had. ). I can't get them to escalate it either. Very frustrating.

I think it has something to do with the way my machine 2 drives are partitioned. I think part of the program is on the C:/ drive and part of it is on the E or G drive. I don't know that much about partitioning myself. But no matter what they do at Dell. The same error comes up. So, I will sit and wait to see if anyone else has the problem and/or if someone else comes up with a workaround. Thanks for responding.

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Then call them back, they should have provided a case number to reference. Your problem is with a specific application provided by Dell, not Microsoft, so you need to deal with Dell, as painful as that may be.


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I did and he spent an hour in my computer, removing things and adding things and trying everything he could think of. He told me he would research it and call me back to day around noon. Well it's past 6:30 p.m. so I guess he gave up.

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You should contact Dell support


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I am having problems with Dell Webcam Manager, with my Dell XPS 420, and
SP2208WFP Flat Panel Monitor with built in Web Cam. Parts of it are working
and parts are not. I have uninstalled the 2nd disc that has the Webcam
drivers and Webcam Application, several x's but the Avatar and web chat do
not work.
I have a 750 gb drive with the OS on it and a 1 tb drive with all my
programs on it. I wonder if part of it is installed on C and part on E.

Should I uninstall both of the cd's? for the monitor? one says HTML User
Documentation and drivers ......the other says webcam drivers and webcam
applications. If I uninstall the first one will I be able to install it
again? without a monitor picture? Would it take the monitor picture away?

Or should I look to Dell disk DRIVERS AND UTILITIES already installed on
your computer = device drivers and diagnostics and utilities?