Re: TOP: C0000218 {Registry File Failure): how to fix it in Vista Ulti

I have the same problem with running Vista 64 with greater than 3 GB of
RAM in the system.

I have a GA-P35T-DQ6, latest BIOS (F6), latest drivers, etc. Yes, I
have the SATA in a Mirror RAID (1). It will boot fine with 3 GB of RAM,
but I need 8 GB for work.

I am working on two possible resolutions: (1) a workaround by creating
a second boot profile that limits the memory to 3 GB (using msconfig)
but points to the same windows install, this would be used when
installing updates only and to create a clean boot to move back to the
full 8 GB; and (2) removing ReadyBoot so that precaching can not happen
on boot.

I am documenting at 'Dennis Quebe's Blog'
(, and while it needs further testing, so
far I have had good luck with booting without BSOD.

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