Re: Shrink Volume for dual boot

When I used the Vista built-in partitioning tool after I first got my
computer, I ran into similar problems. There are some important
limitations to the Vista partitioning tools that you should keep in
mind: you can only shrink and expand NTFS or RAW (unformatted)
partitions; when you shrink, there are some unmovable files such as
page files or shadow copy storage areas that inhibit the amount of
shrinkage allowed; you cannot extend a partition into unallocated space
to the left (lower disk addresses) of the partition to be added to; you
cannot move around unallocated space; if you have too many bad clusters
on the disk, then you cannot shrink a partition on it. Many of these
limitations are removed by commercial products such as those from
Symantec and Acronis...

Boot-It NG is a shareware partition management utility that can be used
to manage the shrinking and extending of partitions better than Vista's
built-in tool. It has an old DOS style interface, but it works well.
You can get it here:
'Boot Manager, Partition Manager, and Drive Image Utility - BootIt Next
I downloaded the free trial version and burned it to a CD with the
included program MakeDisk.exe in order to be able to move some
unallocated space immediately behind one of my four partitions that I
wanted to extend. I just booted from the CD, clicked on the menu choice
for "Partition Work", and then used the "partition slide" concept to
move the unallocated space. The TerabyteUnlimited site has a good deal
of documentation, tutorials, answers to FAQs, videos, etc. for how to
use the program:
'TeraByte Unlimited :: Support :: BootIt Next Generation'