Re: Partition Performance

Whether you have a single or multiple partitions is immaterial to a decent
Imaging application as it will image it all.
Generally a single partition is best, but whether you would actually notice
any performance differential with multiple partitions is a mute point.
Presumably you realise win & the drive is only part of the performance

"Poul Wittig" <PoulWittig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am receiving a new computer this Friday which will be running Vista
Business 64 bit. It will contain a 500 gb Sata 2 hard disc.

Now I will try to explain my question as simple as possible:
Will having a partition dedicated for Windows and another for everything
else perform worse than having one whole partition where everything is in?
Considering that in both scenarios everything is defragmented?

In my imagination, it would perform worse because the hard disc head will
have to move all the way from windows system files to program files all
time. But I'm not the expert, that's why I'm writing this right now :)

The reason I ask is that it is extremely convenient to clone my windows
partition for ease in backup. But the primary role of the computer will be
gaming so performance is first priority.


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