Re: alot of bsod when installing updates

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i recently purchased and built a new computer; i decided i would but
vista x64 on it. the first drive i recieved i figured was doa (sata wd
raptor wd3000) b/c vista could not detect it as a suitable device to
install on. i also heard clicking sounds. the second one i got was a
sata wd caviar se16 wd3200aaks. i was able to use it for a while, but
when i was trying to install drivers for the different devices i had, i
would bsod and have to start over. i also tried installing half life 2,
and steam caused a bsod. at the end i had a few problems where i could
not boot, or it would keep rebooting after i would try to log on. i
attempted to reformat the drive and reinstall vista (this time w/ 32),
and it said that the device was unstable and needed to be replaced. i
returned the 2nd hdd and bought an identical one (the raptor was from
newegg, and i am still holding out hope for it) and the system got a
bsod when i was installing vista x64 again. i eventually got it
installed, but i have yet to install any updates b/c i am worried that
the system is just unstable. i liked vista when it worked, but it just
seems so unstable. is it possible that my MOB is bad? or is something
else going on? here are my specs:

asus m3a32-mvp deluxe (not wifi model)
msi r4870 graphics card
CORSAIR Dominator 4GB (4 x 1GB) 1066
samsung t220 monitor
samsung SATA Model SH-S223F dvd/cd burner
fsp 800w psu
windows vista ultimate sp1
sata wd caviar se16 wd3200aaks

i am pretty desperate b/c i do not have another computer, so i have to
post forums at work. i appreciate all the help i can get, and apologize
if i have forgotten anything.


Try running setup with only 2GB of RAM installed, consult the MoBo manual as to which slots to use for the RAM