On the 1TB internal drive, I have D: = temp files - 16 GB/ E: Downloads, Desktop,My Documents,Contacts, Favorites&Saved Games- 130 GB/ F= Music - 260GB/ G=Pictures- 260GB/ H=Videos - 260 GB/ I = 1 TB External hd.
T,U,V,W = Digital camera card slots, X = DVD/CD RW drive, and Y = DVD RW drive.
How would suggest that I change these partitions?

C = The 750 GB drive is the OS and Windows Vista backup

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Vista backup is for data, its not an Image, it enables you to recover data.
Since Acronis is a completely different application to Vista backup the two produce files that can only be used by the application that created them.

Acronis True Image can create an Image of an entire PC's drives, or only an individual partition or drive
Recovering an Image puts your PC back to the date of the Image
You can also recover individual files.
TI can be set for scheduled images, in which case your external drive would need to be connected.
Acronis can create different types of scheduled Images, eg full image each time or incremental, depending on the version of TI there is an option to auto delete earliest Image file when the backup drive runs out of space.

There is a fully functioning free trial of TI on their site
Ideally you would keep your Image/backups at a another location

6 partitions on a single drive is IMO, OTT, after all if the disk goes south so do all your partitions.
Peoples often create a partition to store data on in the belief that it makes backups easier - but it makes no difference with modern backup software, or that they can nuke the win partition to reinstall win without having to concern themselves with their data. Installing apps on a seperate drive is in most cases self defeating since reinstalling win would require the apps to be reinstalled anyway.

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I placed a 1 TB Hard drive in a Cool Gear case with firwire for an external backup. I was going to try Acronis, but I haven't had time to research it. If I go to' backup and restore center' on Windows Vista Ultimate 'start-programs - maintenance' will I be able to backup to this hd as a external backup? Does it do it as a picture? Will I be able to switch to Acronis later, if I want? Do I turn off the on/off switch on the backup after backup? Do I leave it plugged in and running for a Acronis backup? Do I get another backup to switch off every week so that one is out of the house at all times? ....Do I backup once a week and take it out of the house and bring it back and back up again the next week? When I do the second backup does it automatically delete the previous backup? Does it just add new additions and changes? I am backing up a 1TB (6 partitioned) hd from a Dell XPS 420 desktop. Sorry for all the questions. but I am clueless about this and don't want to download a new program until I research the compatibility etc. Thank you . Ginny


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