Re: Vista OEM Re-Install

On Tue, 5 Aug 2008 21:54:16 +0100, Jim C
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Hello all, from Atlanta, GA USA!

I'm new to the forum finding it by a Google search of my problem.

Spent quite a long time with the MS Vista / SP-1 install problem team
trying to figure out why SP-1 and associated other "performance" type
update would not install.

Their "solution" was for me to use the OEM "recovery" disc that came
with my machine, or call the vendor and ask him for Vista install disc.

I called the vendor (CyberPower) and asked if they had anything else
besides the "wipe it out" recover disc, and, of course, they said, "are
you kidding me??" Well, actually they just said no.

No I see where I MAY be able to put in this recovery disc and just tell
it to "upgrade" my system files (which is what MS says I need to do due
to some corruption of sys file [the machine runs fine as far as I can
see, but they did do a VPN poke around my sys and confirmed that
something was corrupted]).

So I want to confirm how to do this before actually doing and wiping
out my HDD.

Recovery discs USUALLY have only one function: take your computer back
to out-of-the-box condition. You will lose everything you've done
since you first turned on your computer.

You can reinstall OEM Vista by using the "upgrade" option of the Anytime
Upgrade DVD.
If you have a version of VISTA installed, it merely "upgrades" to the
version. You will need your Product Key from the computer case; and
in my
case, I had to reactivate by telephone anyway.....but it works.

Is this right??

OK, the basics: I'm running Windows Vista-Business Ver 6.0.6000 Build
6000. SP-1 won't install per my conversation with MS, via the call
center in India.

Finally, whew! I also have a problem with MS Office Outlook 2007. My
problem is that the program stops working when I press the Tasks key.
Everything else works fine, just this one key. I've searched for the
Scan.pst file, but can't find it. Maybe I need to look for it in my
"administrator" profile, but I don't even see the Office 12 folder. I've
used the cleaner on my Office 2003 install and know it works great, but
I can't find it in the 2007 version (Office 2007 Professional).

Hope I didn't go on for too long, but any help with especailly the
Vista problem would be greatly appreciated!!

Jim Cotton / Atlanta, GA / USA