My Documents & Personal Drives


Since moving some of my users to Vista, I've noticed a strange thing
happening in regard to changing the path of MY DOCUMENTS and the users
home/personal drives.

For example, if I have a user named Mike Jones and he has a home drive that
is mapped to H: and the path is \\server\users\JonesM, when I change the path
of Documents to H:, the JonesM folder gets renamed to DOCUMENTS. Which can
get confusing when you have more than one user who has been moved to Vista
and you see a list of folders named DOCUMENTS over and over again.

If I browse to the \\server\users folder via an XP computer, I see the
folder names correctly (JonesM), but if I browse to the folder using a Vista
computer, all I see are DOCUMENTS folders.

Can anyone shed some light on this?