Re: I goofed something during install and ended up with multiple computer names

I removed Once Care and the 'computer' still exists.
Any Idea on how to delete it?

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xxxx-OC is created by Microsoft's One Care (so I have read elsewhere, I don't have it so cannot confirm that).


"FireBrick" <w9ol@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:urO4uSj9IHA.4468@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
somehow, during install, I ended up with two Computer Names listings in
'Network and
sharing' that are 'almost identical'
And I think that's what's hindering my ability to network easily with my XP
(I only have one way file transfers, Vista -> XP)

In 'View computers and devices'
I have :


In both I have nearly duplicate drives
Media shows drives of
c (lower case)
Medea (C) 'mispelled '
Media (C) 'correctly spelled '

I have the same drives as listed above

I am the only user.

How do I clean this installation mess up?
I wish to keep it simple and clean and want to only see
and inside MEDIA I only want to see the correctly spelled drive of
Media (C)

Please and thank you.

Bill H. in Chicagoland
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